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Radio Shows Location:


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The following are links to Tribulation-Now “Blog Talk Radio Shows” complete with descriptions.  We pray you are blessed by the current event updates and information provided to help you prepare in these challenging times.



Just because a radio show is entitled “The Baptism of the Holy Spirit” doesn’t mean that’s all we talk about.  Every show includes information on current events and how to prepare for the dark days ahead.

FaceBook Page Show Notes

Don’t forget that many of the Radio Show “show notes” are available on the Tribulation-Now FaceBook page.  Login to FaceBook and search on “Tribulation Now”.  Email Cathy Dunson at perelandra77@gmail.com for more information.

Older Radio Shows and Descriptions

Red “Canary”, Hoover Dam, and Displaced Civilians (Alerts)

Join Kenneth and John, and Cathy (in the chat room) while they discuss the alarming increase in alerts and issues surrounding the El Hierro volcanic activity and the possibility of a mega-tsunami affecting the eastern seaboard of the U.S.

We will also tackle pressing new news surfacing about possible cracks in the Hoover Dam caused by earthquake swarms in the region.  We expect Jonathan Kleck to share his expectation that the Hoover Dam may possibly be the dam shown on the $50 dollar bill.

There are also strange colorful anomalies showing up in Google Sky that appear to be intentionally blocked. Moreover, October 28th supposedly ends the Mayan Long Count Calendar according to Dr. Calemen, while the November 11-11-11 mystery has yet to unfold.

All the Glory to Jesus Christ our King.  Stay ready for anything and remain in praise all throughout the day.

See you there!

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Calm Before the Storm & The Forthcoming Rescue Mission

Join John and Kenneth as we cover the last weeks crescendo of events.  Increases in earthquakes, volcanic activity, booming / moaning sounds, financial collapse rumblings, and increases in UFO “fleet” sightings.  We will also discuss the October 28th end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, the forthcoming global earthquake, and the arrival of the Mayan “New Men of Knowledge” (also predicted by the Hopi).

We will also touch upon the Bible scritpures associated with the “rescue mission” of the Bride of Jesus Christ and the timing of those events.  We will discuss the “intergalactic” likelihoods of how the rescue may unfold and why it’s imperative that we continue to LOOK UP ….. because our redemption draws nigh.

God Bless You

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Nibiru, Cataclysms, Prophecies and Alien Invasions

Join Kenneth and John to discuss sufacing information regarding Nibiru (Planet X), the current predictions, global cataclysms, the Canary Islands connection to Dr. Owuor’s “Second Earthquake” prophecy, and the mysterious word “stupefy”, how it was given by the Lord to Jonathan Kleck and what it “might” mean.

We will also be touching on some ideas regarding how to be spiritually prepared and ready for anything as we move rapidly into October with the Dr. Carl Caleman calculation of the Mayan calendar ending on the 28th, and how this might play into the “rescue mission” of the Bride of Jesus Christ our King.

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Second Sun Phenomenon & Forthcoming Expectations

Join John and Kenneth as we discuss the strange uprisising in “second sun” phenomenon and share amazing You Tube videos of this “sign” in the heavens.

We will also be discussing the expected timeline of events as they apply to the scripture in Revelation and the prophecies of Dr. Owuor.

We will also be taking your calls for prayers and discussing how you can prepare yourself spiritually and pray appropriately for yourself and your family.


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Elenin Nibiru Warnings for This Week

Join John and Kenneth for a “last minute” recap of all the Elenin / Nibiru claims and events surrounding this next week.

From enormous FEMA drills in Denver and claims of “elite” traveling to Denver, to the September 26th Elenin alignment with the Sun and Earth crossing the ecliptic plane, to the Feast of Trumpets occurring this week, everyone is pointing to this week as being “huge”.  We will also touch upon the November 11-11-11 alignment of Elenin as well.

We will also discuss remaining sober (1 Tim. 1:7)  and ready for anything, while touching upon some of the common misunderstandings that might add to the confusion of this exciting period in time.

Remain excited, remain ready.
God Bless You All

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The Ashtar Command Reptilian Conspiracy
(Part 1)

Join John Baptist and Kenneth Beer for an in depth look at the Pleiadian – Andromedan – Reptilian conspiracy and how the New Agers have been “duped” by the lying Galactic Federation of Light.

We will touch upon the ancient history of these beings and how it all maps back to our Heavenly Father’s Holy Bible.  We will explore the intentional demotion of our King Jesus Christ to a mere “ascended master” to assure the destruction of those who fall for the deception.

Listen to internet radio with John Baptist on Blog Talk Radio

911 Obama Antichrist Proclamation & C. S. Lewis

Join Tribulation Now’s thought-leaders Cathy and show co-host Kenneth as they explore C.S.Lewis and his Space Trilogy.

John Baptist also calls into the show to explain the 911 Psalms 46 Obama speech of blasphemy before our Heavenly Father proclaiming “he is God”.

They’ll compare his writing to what we know about our Awesome, Most High God of The Universe.

What did the popular Christian author C.S. Lewis “know” about our Intergalactic God and “other” creatures in this universe that may have been hidden in medieval and ancient literature?

Listen to internet radio with John Baptist on Blog Talk Radio

Ancient Aliens, Pleiadians, GFOL, and Abductions

Live from Dusseldorf, Germany, join John Baptist, Jonathan Kleck, and (maybe) Kenneth Beer, for a discussion about all this creepy UFO and ancient aliens stuff that we are experiencing today and how it snaps into the timeline of the Great Tribulation.

This will be a type of “part 2” to the Ancient Aliens, Pleiadian show from last Wedsnesday, Sep. 7th.

We will also be sharing information from the prophet David Owuor, and some other forthcoming news as well.

Listen to internet radio with John Baptist on Blog Talk Radio

Links Associated with the Show Discussion:


Prophet Dr. Owuor

Bubble cloud over Beijing

Bubble of light in Hawaii

Revelations of Revelation

Ancient Aliens, Pleiadians, and the Federation of Light

Who are we REALLY in the Universe of intergalactic beings?  Join John and Kenneth for an in-depth look at why the Ancient Aliens episodes, the scientific and archeological evidence and ancient writings are basically correct.

In this show we will explore the “creator gods” spoken of in Genesis One and how the Bible talks about the Ancient Aliens and Annunaki “star gods” and their associated Federation of Light “beings”.

Let’s find out the truth that the “Galactic Federation of Light” conveniently leaves out of their version of creation.  Let’s see how our “Heavenly Father” (YHWH) had warned us about it in the Holy Bible of the “Adamic bloodline” and why we are so special in the Universe.

Listen to internet radio with John Baptist on Blog Talk Radio

Elenin, Nibiru and the Trumpet Judgments

Join John and Kenneth for a recap of information associated with Elenin and Nibiru and how these cosmic objects potentially relate to the forthcoming Trumpet Judgments.

We will also discuss any new information that surfaces between now and show time.

God Bless You

Listen to internet radio with John Baptist on Blog Talk Radio

Elenin Alerts, Nibiru, & Alarming Hopi Prophesies

Elenin Alerts & Prayer Requests

New alarming alerts and information has come in confirming the likeliness of Elenin related events in September.  This information needs to be brought forward.

We will also be taking prayer requests and giving glory to the King this evening.  Time appears to be very short and preparation is necessary.

Listen to internet radio with John Baptist on Blog Talk Radio

The Edge AM Radio Show

Glory to Jesus last night (8-27-11) I was blessed to be able to “get the word out” to a vast number of listener of “The Edge AM” radio show with Daniel Ott.  The show went very well and praise God we talked about everything from ETs, to Nibiru,  to the rapture of the Bride.  What a wonderful opportunity to share the awesomeness of God’s Heavenly Kingdom with so many great people.

Here is the link to the radio show.  I hope you are both entertained and blessed in Jesus Name.


And here is a link to The Edge AM web site:


The Great Tribulation and the Coming New Age

Show Description:

With Nibiru showing up in Google Sky, tidal floods increasing, earthquakes growing in frequency, and new cosmic events happening at an all time high, its time to flush out the information and discuss the imminense of the situation.

It’s no longer guess work. The signs are evident. Its time to prepare ourselves spiritually for the forthcoming September events.

We will discuss some of the recent headlines, rumors that Mercury has either disappeared or changed its orbit, Google Sky and how “in your face” the Brown Dwarf appears to be, and many other sources of data that should strongly urge our preparedness for ….


(And Glorious Rescue Mission)

Listen to internet radio with John Baptist on Blog Talk Radio


Nibiru (Planet X) History, Bible and Today

Nibiru (Planet X)  History, Bible and Today

Glory to Jesus, so many new “alerts” have come into Tribulation-Now, that it demands a special radio show to discuss all of them.

From Elenin growing to 200,000 km in size, to new reports surfacing on Nibiru being 30 days behind Elenin, there seems to be no end to the reports.

Moreover we will cover some key 20th century New World Order events as they apply to Nibiru, and the conspiracy to hide the facts from the public.

We will also go through emails sent from the Tribulation-Now email list, and discuss troubling reports of military equipment movement as well.

Time to be prepared in Jesus Name.


Unmasking our Adversary Satan AKA Lucifer

Jesus told us that He is sending us out as sheep in the midst of wolves.  He told us to be “as gentle as doves” BUT also “as wise as serpents” (Matt 10:16).  We cannot be as wise as a serpent unless we know something about The Chief Serpent – Satan AKA Lucifer.

On tonight’s show we’ll dive into four key points about our adversary the devil:

1.      Satan was CREATED in PERFECTION as Lucifer

2.      Satan was CORRUPTED through PRIDE

3.      Satan CONTINUES in apparent POWER for now

4.      Satan is CONSIGNED to the PIT for eternity

There is a major move today in this world to divest Lucifer from Satan.  Many are saying they are not the same person.  Some are even defending Lucifer saying “He’s gotten a bad deal.”  Tonight we’ll learn the truth about what’s behind these claims from The New Age Movement, Theosophy and even the Masons.  And more importantly who we are in Jesus Christ as His sons, co-heirs to the Kingdom of The Most High God, The King of all kings and LORD of all lords!

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Join Kenneth Beer and John Baptist from Tribulation-Now to hear their testimonies about receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and other amazing scriptural and historical tidbits you should know about regarding our “greatest gift” from the Heavenly Father.

We will talk about scriptural guidance when seeking the Baptism, and help and encourage you as the Lord leads.

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is the “arch enemy” of Lucifer and his minions.  The Roman Catholic “Inquisition’s” primary goal was to destroy any surviving apostolic groups that continued to practice and walk in the gifts of the spirit and label them as “heretics” and “gnostics“.

Glory to Jesus, we hope you join us.  This may be the first of several shows focusing on this fabulous empowering gift from our Awesome God!

How to Pray – “The Furnace of Baal”

Originally intended to be only a “co-hosting” test show, the Holy Spirit lead the content in an unexpected way.

If you are interested how to pray to the Lord, so that “His will” be done in your life, this may be a great show to listen too.

It’s only 30 minutes in length. God Bless You.

Elenin and 11:11 Update (Pilot)

Glory to Jesus things are becoming VERY exciting.  People have been seeing 11-11 for a long time now, Christians and New Agers alike.  Elenin’s most thought provoking alignment is 11-11-11.

The Feast of Trumpets starts with the blow of the “final trumpet” at the end of September.

This is the first radio show of Tribulation-Now with Kenneth Beer, Ph.D. and John Baptist the author of Tribulation-Now’s articles.

Expect “technical difficulties” as this is our “pilot show”.

Glory to Yahushau Jesus Christ the King of Kings.

Get Ready for the Rescue Mission … Time is SHORT!

Praise Jesus



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14 Responses to *RADIO SHOWS*

  1. Deborah Texas says:

    WOW John and Kenneth,

    I just listened to your 10/02/2011 radio show and it was great, Praise Jesus!!!

    I am just now this past week learning about the aliens and deception that has been going on since the “beginning” from your radio shows, blogs and watched and listened to Freeman and Jonathan.

    I can see now how Jesus could say he would lay down his life for his friends, how cool is that!!!Makes perfect sense too, and how the verse “lack of knowledge destroys my people” is true, how awful the devil has been.

    So we have a 50% chance of getting back to heaven, (if we decided to take the judgement), and makes me think of the 5 brides that did not go, 50%, wow, very interesting to think about. I will have to look into those Bible books that have been left out, those sure tell a story.

    I have had a difficult time with my friends and family hearing about the rapture and signs, so this information is way out there for them. Wish I could figure out what they need to see or hear.

    Like you said even though the rapture didn’t happen on Yom Teruah there are too many signs to think it isn’t going to happen, we are so BLESSED!!!

    BLESS you Brothers in Christ,

  2. Rudy says:

    Once a person is saved, which sin (or sins) is it, that if committed, causes Jesus to take away their salvation?

    Why do you not believe that Jesus has the power to keep a person saved once that person gives their heart to Jesus.

    It is indeed arrogant to think that in the final analysis, even if you have been truly saved by the blood of Jesus, that you are really the one responsible for keeping yourself saved, and not Jesus. Its like a sibling bragging that the parents like him the best because he has better behavior.

    John 10:27-29 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand.

    Teaching that a genuine born again believer can lose their salvation is to diminish the power and words of Jesus. Satan uses this tactic to rob christians of the joy of their salvation. If Jesus can take back the gift of pardon, then it is not really a gift.

    Our physical bodies do sin, even when we are born again, but when we do, the spirit pricks our consciousness that we are getting out of the will of God. God will chastise those He loves, but he will not take away our salvation once we are truly born again. And it is the sinful, physical, fleshly body that must be changed at the resurrection so our born again spirit can be encased in a sinless structure that is incorruptible and immortal.

    It a matter of a new birth, not one’s behavior, that places us in the kingdom of God.

    • John Baptist says:

      It is JESUS Himself that decides who is saved and who is not. You have forgotten what the narrow path means. Does this sound like Salvation to you Rudy?

      Rev 3:16-17
      16 So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.

      It better not brother. God Bless You. Narrow Road ALL THE WAY. Be YE Holy for I Am Holy saith the LORD!

  3. Thanks for helping out, good information. “Considering how dangerous everything is, nothing is really very frightening.” by Gertrude Stein.

  4. Babykins says:

    God Bless you 🙂 If it weren’t for everything you have taught me, I would be oblivious to how NARROW the path really is. Thank you for being there, through thick and thin, and finding time in your incredibly busy schedule to be an AMAZING DAD:) I love you soooooooooooo much. <3<3<3

  5. Samuel says:

    Hi John:

    Just want to encourage you the Lord Jesus. Keep doing what you are doing. My wife and I listen to your radio message every Wednesday and Sunday. We are blessed by it.

    God Bless you Brother,


  6. Brenda B says:

    I love your show. Keep doing what you are doing. I love your prayers in the beginnng
    and during your presentation and your rich knowledge of the word. My walk is encouraged and my seeking His closeness is enhanced. Zeal is contagious, no wonder Christ asked us to meet with other Christians and fellowship. His Glory like off of a mirror bounces betwen Christians. Praise Jesus! These times are not as dark with
    light bearers such as yourself. Thank you for being one of His vessels. I pray that I will grow mightily in Him and be a strong soul winner. I was coasting for embarrassingly too long. May the Lord keep you protected and with provisions and envelope you with a mighty hug. (By the way, I like the chicken noises and jokes too, do not let anyone have you feel that they are superfluous. Jesus can use anything, nothing is wasted. )
    Thankful to be growing in Christ,

  7. alan says:

    just listened to your latest show with john kleck. i had a revelation re/his story of young man diving through police car windscreen shouting “weve got to stop the time space continuum? ” (our GOD JESUS) well i have always known /considered the hadron collider a satanic weapon.(full stop)meaning its real purpose.well after listening to your show 02/01/2014 i then go and find news about the ramping up of power for the collider?so i am saying that they are going to use the collider for the time continium problem?????????? your thoughts? i really do like your show and you and kenneth.also for overseas audiences can i suggest dropping the chicken jokes and replacing them with your english pronunciations instead,haha.only joking my blessed friends.alan

    • John Baptist says:

      God bless you Alan LOL … Amen. I didn’t know they were turning up the power of the collider but no surprise there. On the Elenin Conference sponsored in 2011 by Project Camelot, they said that a whistleblower had stated the collider was intended to be eventually used to move the entire earth outside of this Time Space to get out of the way of incoming alien attacks.

  8. alan says:

    hello again john and ken, i enjoyed you sun night show on 2013 events.i could not agree more with your openning prayer john asking the lord to rock the earth to wake up the bretheren.i had a headbutting a brickwall encounter on saturday morning.anyway too business,have you looked at your photo of the sun (cataclysmic darkness)about holes in the sun?well i see very clearly the face,shoulder and torso of sorath the sun demon? your thoughts?also ever gave thoughts as to why guillotines are threatened to be used?i mean why???this method?perhaps you can email me and we can exchange thoughts.
    regards to you both. alan

  9. Debra Y. Villarreal says:

    Would you please keep my brother Mark Glacken in your prayers for Marks salvation, protection, he would know the LOVE of Christ for him, Mark’s deliverance and healing.

    God Bless you and Kenneth.. Love your show. It brings me laughter when I need it.. The topics are serious..

  10. sim says:

    Hi is there a list of extra biblical books that should be read? I know about the book of enoch but are there any others?

  11. keijo leppioja says:

    Yes we living very last of last days right now and so much differents are around us in many calmatys in the nature and somuch hate against Israel and so much deception in many place ,so we have so much to take care by love in Christ thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

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