The Counterfeit Rapture

  Alien Demon Thanksgiving Day The Ashtar Command’s Lying Deceptions Its seems like forever that Tribulation-Now has been warning people about these “fallen-angelic-demonic star freaks.  Whether you believe these entities are “inter-dimensional” beings that are manifesting in the flesh, or you would prefer to see them as intergalactic in their origins, in the grand scheme … Continue reading The Counterfeit Rapture

Mega-Quake – Rapture – Thermonuclear War

Time to BE Ready Time to STAY Ready Well praise Jesus I guess the “cat’s got my tongue”.  It appears like we will be leaving any time now.  I praise God that over the years I have woven disclaimers into the articles admitting we can’t be certain of God’s timing.  And indeed our Heavenly Father … Continue reading Mega-Quake – Rapture – Thermonuclear War

The Rapture Is Imminent

RAPTURE IMMINENT FLYER The following PDF can be downloaded and printed out on any basic computer printer.  50 sheets of paper yeilds 100 flyers that can be placed on car windsheilds in church parking-lots on Sundays in your local town. Help wake-up the “sheep” and get them “sin free” in time for the Rapture (rescue mission) … Continue reading The Rapture Is Imminent