Is the Rodriguez Puerto Rico Meteor the Beginning of Sorrows or the Sixth Seal?

The Beginning of Sorrows or Sixth Seal
Does the Meteor Start the Calamities of Revelation 6 or Kick Off the Sixth Seal (The Seals)

When one correlates the prophetic data (prophecies, dreams and visions) and lines them up against the Holy Bible, the results can be eye opening.  While there are no guarantees of any timeline becoming a reality, we are commanded by Jesus to “watch ye therefore” and be prepared spiritually for the inevitable.

In the above 2 hour plus video the Prophet Efraine Rodriguez tells in great detail events surrounding a meteor impact upon the earth just off the coast of Puerto Rico.  Rodriguez has also stated publicly that the tidal wave will be extremely high and hit Miami, Florida at 5 am the day of impact.  In later statements some have reported that Rodriguez has said this event will happen before the end of January of 2015, although I have not been able to personally confirm this.

Today is Dec 31st of 2014.  There are powerful cosmic indicators that January 5th could be a monumental moment in time.

This Monday is January 5th.

During my Christmas visit to East Berlin, Pennsylvania this year, I sat with my sister Marilyn at the dining room table checking my email.  I received the following message from a prophet named Barb on YouTube.  Here, amid her appropriate disclaimers to discern and pray, she confirms the prophecy of Efraine Rodriguez is from the Lord.

Will the Lord delay this event?  Could it happen during the Sixth Seal months from now instead?  We don’t know.  We have to warn people, watch, pray, repent of our sins, and PRAISE continuously.

Here below is the confirming prophecy from Barb at the YouTube channel 278pikelk.

Prior to receiving this prophetic word, I had already been informed that six other people warned of a comet / meteor event devastating the  earth at some point.  Evidently these testimonies are available on The Prophecy Club.


Jer 51:41-42
How Babylon has become desolate among the nations!
42 The sea has come up over Babylon;
She is covered with the multitude of its waves.



The Lord’s Perfect Sign – January 5th

A few weeks ago, a brother by the name of Steve Steinman came on the Tribulation-Now radio program and shared some information and graphics about some amazing cosmic alignments.  Here is one such graphic.  Note this information seems to powerfully indicate that January 5th is an important “watch date”.

Lords Perfect Sign

Evidently, according to this data, the precise midpoint of every eclipse between 2010 and 2019 is January 5th, 2015 (this coming Monday).  This is also (as depicted) the midpoint of the Biblical Blood Moon Tetrad occurring now.  Also most importantly it seems the next Biblical Blood Moon Tetrad (e.g. one in which each blood moon falls directly upon a Biblical feast day) does not occur again until 2582 AD. making this date all the more significant.



 Sirius Sun Moon Earth Alignment

Recently  a radio show listener sends me a link to this discussion on God Like Productions (GLP) regarding a cosmic line up of the “dog star” Sirius, the Sun, Moon and the earth that is reportedly happening on precisely the SAME DAY.


 For more information see HERE.

For a link to the GLP post see HERE.

This individual also mentions the Blood Moon Tetrad and points out that 1/5/15 appears suspiciously like the name of the Egyptian “god” ISIS (Dionysus, Semiramis; which happens to be the Statue of Liberty) as well as the original publicized name of the US funded false flag murderous marauders the “Islamic State” of whatever name du jour you choose to embrace.

Oh and bye the way, I’m sure its just a “coincidence” that a black-ops public sector corporation with the SAME NAME just happens to be located in Washington D.C.


The only reason I think the dark-side’s data is interesting in regard to this date is that ultimately THEY are more (or just as) excited about the coming Great Tribulation as the Bride of Jesus Christ is about the rapture (which happens at almost exactly the same time).  The “dragon is cast down” (Rev 12:9) and the Bride it taken UP (to the Marriage supper, Rev 12:14).  I’ve covered this in many prior articles and radio programs.



Corroborating Prophecies and Visions

There are dozens of corroborating visions, dreams and prophecies that see various related events such as a mega-tsunamis / tidal wave impacting the east coast of the United States.  For the longest time I believed the most likely cause of such an event would be the collapse of the La Palma volcano in the Canary Islands.   But now the Rodriguez event seems far more likely because it lines up with the corroborating prophecies and the resulting destruction matches closely to the various post-event maps of the United States.

destruction map of USA

When studying these maps in the past, it never occurred to me that the changes in the landscape could be a result of several different cataclysmic events over a period of time. On the other hand it could be one unbelievably huge event that triggers them all at once.  It’s fascinating to note that these graphics are often referred to as simply maps of the “Future of America”.  Ostensibly these maps come from what various people have seen in prophecies, dreams, and visions from our Lord as well as darker methods employed such as “remote viewing”; which is in use by the US Military Black-Ops at this time.

A Fiery Arrow in the Sky

Tribulation-Now has been following a husband and wife prophecy team in Pennsylvania for several years.  Their YouTube name is “Godshealer7“.  A number of months ago they released a prophetic video entitled “Three Signs Before I Come”.

Starting at about the 3:40 mark, the three signs are:

  • A fiery arrow in the sky (look to the east; meteor, east coast?)
  • The skies shall turn red, and there shall be fire (nuclear blasts?)
  • The trumpets shall sound, but the unbelievers shall not hear

Meteor Photo of Russian Chelyabinsk Meteor


Bug-Out Timing for Tampa Jesus Freaks

Here is a comment I put on Facebook regarding the timing of the meteor event and my intention to head north so I can continue the ministry work without being stuck in a FEMA exclusion zone under Martial Law while they clean up the mess.

Remember: This event may NOT happen any time soon.  This is precautionary on my part due to the “Lord’s Perfect Sign” information surrounding the timing of the Biblical Blood Moons.

The meteor should enter the atmosphere from 1 am to 1:30 am Monday (e.g. bright arrow in the sky, Godshealer7) and then the tsunami hits Miami 3.5 hours later at a velocity of 500 mph (rough estimate) at 5 am. Making it about 2-4 hours (depending over land) for hitting Tampa. I am putting the travel topper on my SUV so I have a little extra storage and grabbing my daughter to head up US 19 North to Brooksville which should be out of the messy stuff. Now if it doesn’t happen on Jan 5th I have asked the Lord to awaken me to the “bright light” of the entry into the atmosphere so I can boogey out.

Here is the application “WorldScope” that I will monitor around about 5 am Monday January 5th to see if I need to “head north”.

miami worldscope


Other Weird Confirmations

It is important to note that a simple Internet search on “east coast US tsunami / tidal wave” will results in a wide array of confirmations from various sources.  It’s also fascinating to note the tidal wave shown on the St. John’s Cathedral concrete pillar in downtown New York City.

NYC Tsunami waves


The Mary Ann Brown Confirmation

Mary Ann BrownStatue of Liberty Tilted
The Beginning of Sorrows

 Mary Ann Brown – THE VISION [1] (1976)

The vision opens in New York with the Statue of Liberty, she was tilted; they had put her up on crutches and covered her with paint.

The Lord’s Words to Her

When you see her this way it is the beginning of great sorrow and deception for your nation.

Does this Mary Ann Brown vision from 1976 signify the start of the Beginning of Sorrows (or the “sorrows period”) mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 24:3-8?

statue tilted

If the Efraine Rodriguez (“Puerto Rico Comet”) impact and tidal wave is the kick-off event for the calamities of Revelation chapter 6 (Martial Law, Rioting, FEMA Camps, PDD 51 Continuity of Government, etc.), then the entire 2015-2016 Rapture Timeline fits into this scheme perfectly (SEE HERE).



 The Beginning of Sorrows Correlates to Revelation Six

All this information supports my understanding that the Beginning of Sorrows (or sorrows period), is in fact events that unfold during the opening and revealing of the Seals (Horsemen of the Apocalypse) in Revelation Six.    To save time, I have created the following graphic to help the reader see the relationship.

sorrows = seals

Regardless of the actual timing of these meteor / tsunami events, the Biblical relationship between the “beginning of sorrows” period of Matthew 24:3-8 and the Revelation 6 (Seals) events remains the same.


The Hooters Coincidence

Oh and so yesterday a friend of mine who is also a cross-country trucker stops in town and wants to meet me at a restaurant.  Being the wing fan that I am, we ended up meeting at the local Hooters restaurant.  Naturally while eating dinner, I mentioned to the waitress (my opportunity to witness) that she needed to know about the “comet”.  She was all ears.

I told her about the cosmic alignments for this coming Monday (January 5th), and gave her a summary brief on the Efraine Rodriguez prophecy.  Get this!  This waitress had heard about this prophecy in her astronomy class at college recently.  What are the odds of all the servers in this particular restaurant that THIS WAITRESS knew about the Rodriguez prophecy?

What’s even more fascinating is as we are discussing this event, behind her is a poster on the wall.  A most unusual poster for a wing restaurant.  When I pointed it out to her, she actually said “What is that doing here?” LOL …. indeed.  What IS THAT doing there?

I told her … “That’s how the Lord talks to you”.

Hooters Comet


Time Compression Issues and Other Possibilities

There are a number of things Rodriguez says that I do not necessarily agree with and are likely due to his “opinions” and not the prophetic word of God.  He seems to indicate this event causes a 12+ mag earthquake and is somehow connected to the “three days of darkness”. If this is true, this event happens during the Sixth Seal (Rev 6:12 “the sun turns black”) and does not correlate to the start of the Revelation 6 calamities (see the Sarah Menet vision of 1979).  Note that if this IS the case,  nothing associated with this meteor event will happen until MUCH later; and it will almost certainly occur after other WWIII  events, nuclear, chemical and disease outbreaks happen causing utter chaos and mayhem FIRST.  Moreover it will also mean that this event will happen AFTER the Israel “peace treaty” is signed by Obama.  If that’s the case, this event will instead correlate to TD Hale’s third dream where he sees water rushing over DC, Virginia, etc. and fire raining from the sky.

See “Another Visitation from the Lord – Pastor T.D. Hale — November 24th, 2012“.

The OTHER possibility, which makes the development of timelines very difficult with prophecies, dreams and visions, is “time compression”.  This is when the prophet sees a series of events that seem to be contiguous (happen one right after another) but are shown to them out of sequence OR they are separated by long periods of time (meaning they are disparate events and not directly connected).


We MUST remain

spiritually prepared,

ready and watchful

no matter what.


And here below I include the summary of Mary Ann Brown visions from 1976 and invite you to compare them to the Sarah Menet vision of 1979.  The similarity is amazing.

The Mary Ann Brown Visions (1976)

Mary Ann Brown

My sisters live in Pennsylvania and annually travel to the Blue Mountain Christian Retreat.  Mary Ann Brown was a gifted speaker at this event every year.  Back in 2010 one of my sisters sent me a write up of some of Mary Ann Brown’s visions from 1976.   As you read these, please compare them to the Sarah Menet Vision events listed in this article HERE.  You will note an alarming similarity.

The Sarah Menet events are summarized below:

  • Iran nukes Israel from Libya
  • Other nuclear missiles and bombs are fired/exploded across the world and in the US
  • The Third Seal global financial collapse occurs
  • Chemical attacks occur in the US (such as mustard gas and similar)
  • Hemorrhagic fever breaks out and kills many (similar to Ebola, blood from eyes, ears)
  • Diseases spread, murder, mayhem, riots all across the US
  • EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) causes massive blackouts across the US and Israel
  • Horrible Winter (aligns to “Three Days of Darkness”, Sixth Seal, see Padre Pio Prophecy)
  • Final Nuclear Destruction of US (fires everywhere, etc.)
  • Russian (and Chinese) invasion of US

Please take a moment to see these vision events here below and note how they line up with one another.


Mary Ann Brown’s 1976 Visions

The Vision of the Lord – April 1976
Given to Mary Ann Brown

Hab 2:2-3

Then the Lord answered me and said:

“Write the vision
And make it plain on tablets,
That he may run who reads it.
3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time;
But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
Because it will surely come,
It will not tarry.


I saw pictures and words.  The words that I saw under each picture appeared branded in fire.


The vision opens in New York with the Statue of Liberty, she was tilted; they had put her up on crutches and covered her with paint.


When you see her this way it is the beginning of great sorrow and deception for your nation.


In this vision I saw a map of the United States with lights big and small all over.  I knew they were churches.  A sonic boom comes and shakes the map.  Some stay the same, others become bigger.

Revival has come by the Power of God.


Do not be deceived it is the Angel of light


I saw Banks with pad locks on the doors, one after another.


The God of America will fail, and not provide bringing great confusion on the earth.


I saw large businesses no longer there – Gone.  Broke.  Devastation.  All Hope Gone.


Difficult times.   Fear will be released, money tight.  Will effect the church where she will become more money minded than people minded.

Gold will rise in prices.  People will try to find security in gold, but it will not be found.

This will set up the New World Monetary System.


I saw a black cloud enter many people.  They were filled with confusion, depression, and hopelessness.


Suicide will follow the spirit of death: Pills and Guns will be seen on the up rise.


I saw earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  Drastic weather changes in California, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Washington, and Alaska, off the Richter scale.  St. Louis.  Volcanoes of great forces.  Whole cities being destroyed.


God causing Fear, so men will hear the call: Return, Repent


I saw food lines as far as the eye could see: food will begin to dwindle, because of no rain and floods.  It will be a difficult time, men will go wild because of a spirit to survive: Anger – Riots – Murder.  People will fear to come out of their houses.


Return to the Cross to die of self.  The church will stop preaching the Cross and its Power: Life in the Blood.


I saw epidemics break out everywhere.  Medical help will be impossible to have for many.  Return of diseases that once were gone.


Even many of my people will forget I am Jehovah Rapha (the healer), because of what I see.


I saw hell come down to deceive, if possible even God’s people.  The morals inside the church will be the same as the world.  A demonic spirit of perversion and filth, so intense it will turn men’s minds to evil, many will fall inside the church because of a love affair with the world, not with Me.


My people must hear as in the days of Noah: They must come out of “religion” into relationships and enter into Covenant.  They will not believe that a flood is coming.  MANY


I saw an up rise in Homosexuality.  It will begin to be accepted in the government, in the educational system, in the family, in the church.  In the church same sex marriages will be encouraged to live free.  The moral fiber of the country will cave in.


People will love themselves not God.  My people must press into having passion for God.


I saw ministry coming down like falling stars, because of immorality.  Divorce, Affairs, Homosexuality.  Sin not dealt with, none of which bring shame nor carry a stigma any longer.  Satan in many cases will win their hearts, because they refuse to lay the axe to the root and they will have no discernment.


Take heart, I will come to cleanse and judge my house.  It belongs to me.  Endure to the end!  I Am with you and will not forsake you.


I saw the Bible opened wide, false doctrines that make man turn to End-Time events.  Faith centered on man rather than on truth.  Extremes will draw people away with itching ears.  The Antichrist and End-Times will be more important than the Angel of light inside the church.  Families will fall apart because of the focus on the wealth instead of home surrendering to Jesus Christ and His Lordship.  Focus on End-Times instead of the time we are now living in.


Be not deceived by all that sounds right and good, it will be an hour where it is not “Right vs. Wrong” but “God’s way vs. Man’s way” and “God’s way vs. Easy way”.


I saw gangs on the up rise, substitute families – no communication with parents – no love – no time invested.  The TV will become their parents.  Full of crime.  Violence, Sex, Anger, Rebellion.


Many will not see because they are so caught up in self, they have little or not time for their children.  They cannot hear their cry.


I saw hypocrites rise in the church: drinking drugs sex will be in preacher’s lives.  The will preach against these very things while they themselves are engaged in sinful activities.  The church will begin to loose her influence with believers in the world.


Remember: the enemy, in the last days, will come into the church.  Watch, Fast, Pray.  There will be a Great Falling Away!


I saw riots, chaos, murder, lack of food, people will be like animals.  It will make room for the One World Government, the One World Money, and the One World Church.  The Antichrist spirit will be behind it.  I saw government, civilians, military and churches being moved.  Make room for the Antichrist – in the midst of desperation, depression and lawlessness.


Guard your heart and mind to stay focused on Him and His Kingdom.


I saw Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington State, Washington D.C., Boston, Newark, New York City, Nashville, Little Rock on fire. cities burning. St. Louis on fire.


Look to me, I am the Author and Finisher of your faith.  Look up, I am very near.


I saw land burned — Oceans, Rivers, and Seas full of death.  I saw the whole earth groaning for His coming.


Tell my church to wake up, Return to Me.  I am the only hope!  Men’s hearts will fail from fear.  Stay full of the Holy Ghost.  I am in control.

I believe Christians in the days and years ahead will be tested and tempted.

Remember: He is a deliverer.
Remember: We are not destined for destruction.

His kingdom is coming on earth.

Stay Faithful to Him


Summary in Jesus Name

Historically any time a prophet or visionary mentioned a date like January of 2015, it has been incorrect.  But there have never been such an amazing number of “coincidental” cosmic alignments and other confirmations before either.  Might the Lord choose to delay the event due to prayer?  We will not know these answers until will can sit face to face with Jesus.

Let’s compare some scripture in Revelation that describes similar events that are likely separated by some period of time.

The Sixth Seal

Note: this happens immediately prior to the rapture and immediately prior to the final destruction of the US during global thermonuclear war (1 Thess 5:3, 2 Peter 3:10)

Rev 6:12-14
there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood. 13 And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind. 14 Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place.

Notice here you have:

  • A huge (global) earthquake
  • sun turns black (three days of darkness)
  • stars fall from heaven (comets, or some believe alien/fallen angels or both)
  • every island and mountain is moved out of place (a pole shift of some type)

These events could all be related to this Rodriguez meteor.


The Division of Babylon the Great

Revelation 16 describes the “Bowl / Vial” judgments which are part of the wrath of God which the Bride of Jesus Christ does not partake in.  The rapture occurs during the Sixth Seal after the “three days of darkness” about 3 1/2 years earlier.  However many of these events are very similar in their description which tends to confuse many theologians.  If you pay close attention to the words, you can see very obvious differences in the size and destructive impact of these events.

Rev 16:17-21

17 Then the seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air, and a loud voice came out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, “It is done!” 18 And there were noises and thunderings and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such a mighty and great earthquake as had not occurred since men were on the earth. 19 Now the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell. And great Babylon was remembered before God, to give her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His wrath. 20 Then every island fled away, and the mountains were not found. 21 And great hail from heaven fell upon men, each hailstone about the weight of a talent. Men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail, since that plague was exceedingly great.

Here you see:

  • a mighty and great earthquake such as not occurred since men were on the earth (this is one darn humongous event, obviously much more phenomenal than the earlier Sixth Seal event)
  • the great city was divided into three parts (this appears to correlate to the depiction on the “future map of America” however because this is a BOWL judgment in Revelation 16, it should happen at the very end of the “Great Tribulation” which is 3 1/2 years after the Sixth Seal event)
  • then every island fled away and the mountains were not found (this is a pole shift and earth crust displacement event on the level of unspeakably huge levels similar to that depicted in the movie “2012”)

So as you can see this can become difficult to decipher from a timeline standpoint since many of these events are similar (e.g. they are earthquakes and pole shifts) but of hugely different magnitudes.

SO – For now we must be sure we have turned away from ALL sin (repented) and have pleaded the blood of Jesus upon yourself.   Whether this event happens this next month, this next Monday, or sometime later, it appears it’s going to happen eventually and we need to be ready.






See you in the Radio Show Chat Room

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Is Chicago Nuke Planned for 2015?


(Source: Infowars)



WGN Chicago Investigates Report of “ISIS” Threat

Also in August of 2014, WGN Chicago ran a news report indicating that ISIS terrorists are already in the USA and waiting to make a move against US.  In this report “WGN Investigates” shows a note that ostensibly shows possible information indicating that a particular hotel may be targeted.  While the video has been removed by You Tube due to their notorious copyright violations, here is evidence Tribulation-Now has collected of this report.

Since we know ISIS is a creation of the forces of darkness (call them the NWO if you like), this is a particularly worrisome report.


WGN report ISIS

Listen Here:




(with minor updates to links)



Former U.N. Ambassador, John Bolton, Jokes about Nuking Chicago!

” Former UN Ambassador John Bolton believes the security of the United States is at dire risk under the Obama administration. And before a gathering of conservatives in Washington on Thursday morning, he suggested, as something of a joke, that President Barack Obama might learn a needed lesson if Chicago were destroyed by a nuclear bomb.

Appearing at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the nation’s largest annual conference of conservative activists, Bolton, one of the hardest hardliners of the George W. Bush administration, spoke at length about Obama’s naiveté and how various nations – Russia, North Korea, Iran – will be exploiting the new president. The most dramatic moment of his speech may have been when he cracked a joke about the nuking of Obama’s hometown.

“The fact is on foreign policy I don’t think President Obama thinks it’s a priority,” said Bolton. “He said during the campaign he thought Iran was a tiny threat. Tiny, tiny depending on how many nuclear weapons they are ultimately able to deliver on target. Its, uh, its tiny compared to the Soviet Union, but is the loss of one American city” – here Bolton shrugged his shoulders impishly – “pick one at random – Chicago – is that a tiny threat?” “


nuking chicago

Click HERE to listen to this MSNBC Report about these comments at the Daily Motion





Folks when you combine this article regarding comments made in “jest” about nuking Chicago with the Emergency Management Agency Official’s comments made on a Radio Show (video below) it gives you an eerie feeling that just perhaps this is NOT A JOKING MATTER.

After listening to the Radio Show interview of this OBVIOUSLY SHAKEN Emergency Management Official and his concerns regarding unusual expectations by FEMA, I thought to myself, OH DEAR LORD They Are Going to Nuke Chicago!!

I sure do hope I am wrong. But when you combine all this information with Pastor David Wilkerson’s vision of fires rolling down the streets of New York and other cities, it sure does concern me that the next FALSE FLAG 911 Terror Attack could be such a scenario.


(Source: See HERE)
SEE David Wilkerson’s Vision Here:



Listen to this Emergency Management Official raising concerns about the troubling requirements being placed upon them by FEMA.

  • HIGH WINDS, Harden Fire Stations?
  • 400,000 + REFUGEES?
  • Inoculations in 24 hours (potassium iodide?) ?)
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Newton’s Calculations Point to Sept 23, 2015 Yom Kippur

Newton’s Riddle

Newton’s Riddle
Jim Bramlett
Feb 27, 2008

Dear friends:

Sir Isaac Newton, who lived some 300 years ago (1642-1727), was one of the greatest geniuses in all history, with perhaps the highest I.Q of anyone in history. He is called “the father of modern science” and “the father of the industrial revolution.” He discovered many scientific laws. God chose Isaac Newton to impart many of His deepest secrets and isaac newtonriddles          .

There is strong evidence that God gave Newton the most mysterious secret and riddle of all — the timing and the events of the end of the age!

Newton was a devout believer in Christ and Bible scholar, fluent in ancient languages, and who translated directly from the Hebrew and Greek. He was unusually drawn to the prophet Daniel, which he began studying at age 12 and continued until he died at age 85. In fact, The Columbia History of the World, a secular history book, remarks, “At the end of his days he spent more time studying and writing about the prophecies in the Book of Daniel than he did in charting the heavens.”  Apparently, God Himself put in Newton’s heart this burning desire to study Daniel, then gave him the key to the timing of Christ’s return.

Could this be the final profound secret the Lord revealed to this godly genius near the end of his life — a secret “accidentally” discovered in the Library of Congress and republished just in the last few years — a secret so simple that most have missed it?

If Newton was correct in his interpretation of Daniel, the prophet to whom God gave specific timing, then the return of the Lord Jesus Christ will be very, very soon, indeed!

Newton’s understanding of one key passage in Daniel chapter 9 is fundamentally different from that of most common interpretations. In about 550 B.C., God gave the prophet Daniel a view of history to the end. From Daniel 9:25, scholars usually add the “seven weeks (of years, or 49 years) and 62 weeks (434 years)” to get 483 years and calculate the time of Messiah’s First Coming. However, Newton says there is no linguistic basis for adding those two numbers (49 and 434), and to do so is “doing violence to the language of Daniel.” Newton says the two numbers separately speak of both the First and Second Coming, both being counted from the “going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem.” Some commentators agree.

Newton says the “62 weeks,” or 434-year part was fulfilled at the First Coming, and the “seven weeks,” or 49-year part will apply to the Second Coming. And three centuries ago he saw in the Scriptures and wrote about the rebirth of Israel at a time when such a thought was preposterous. Amazingly by faith and understanding of the Scriptures, he foresaw a “friendly kingdom” someday again issuing the “commandment to restore and build Jerusalem.” Now, centuries later, that “friendly kingdom” may have been the United Nations, which decreed Israel’s rebirth in November, 1947, causing Israel to be reborn in May, 1948.

The above is taken from my essay on Newton written in the mid-1990s shortly after obtaining a copy of Newton’s commentary on Daniel from the doctor who discovered Thomas Jefferson’s personal and initialed copy of it in the Library of Congress, and who then got permission to reprint it in the original, difficult-to-read olde English scriptThe essay is at However, my speculations back then wrongly assumed the final 49-year count began when Israel was born in 1948.  At the time, I thought we were so close to the Lord’s return it did not occur to me that the count should probably begin on June 7, 1967, when Israel captured Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

Now, Sid Roth of Messianic Vision ministry is promoting a new book on the subject, Newton’s Riddle by Neill G. Russell, which contains additional information about Newton and his understanding of the end times.

Sid says, “Before his death in 1727, Sir Isaac Newton, the famous physicist, concealed a prophetic script in one of his journals. This mysteriously coded script detailed crucial future events involving Israel and the return of Jesus. Incorporating Sir Isaac Newton’s extensive research, Bible prophecy, and the bond that exists between America and Israel during the final days of planet earth, Newton’s Riddle by Neill Russell is a captivating, suspenseful tale ripped from tomorrow’s headlines. I have never read such a current, prophetic book. Newton’s Riddle is a ‘now’ book for the most critical juncture in human history. You will not be able to put this biblical thriller down.”

Sid quotes from the book where it explains Newton’s calculations of adding 49 years to the June 1967 date.  Based on “Newton’s riddle” the book says, “Messiah’s possible return to earth will be on or before the year 2016.”

However, that is apparently based on using modern (365-day) years in the calculation.  As I pointed out in my e-mail dated February 20, 2008, if you use exactly 49 Jewish (360-day, prophetic) years from the day Israel captured the Temple Mount on June 7, 1967, you get 49 X 360 = 17640 days, which amazingly takes one exactly to

September 23, 2015,


Day of Atonement 2015




Newton’s Riddle Radio Program with Neill Russell

Check Out Religion Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with John Baptist on BlogTalkRadio





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The Sarah Menet Vision of 1979

Mass Animal Deaths

A Detailed Chronology of What’s Coming
A complete breakdown of the major events including the likely timing of the rapture

Here below is what I see as a gift from God.  This is the Sarah Menet vision of 1979.  Tribulation-Now has been collecting visions, dreams and prophecies of people since 1979.  Some of these prophecies date bad as far as the 1600’s.  Many of the more recent ones date back as far as 1937.  All of the prophecies, dreams and visions collected have a reoccurring theme and include key events that MATCH closely to one another strongly indicating that they are coming from the Lord.

This particular vision, unlike the dozens of others, includes details that the others do not.  This detailed list of events, to the trained and sanctified eyes of the discerning believer, explains not only what happens, but in what order.

It even includes the timing of the rapture of the Bride.

In all my years of serving the Lord in tears and prayer, I know of no other vision that so completely spells out this end-times chronology with such vivid detail.  Since we all see through the mirror dimly, it is reasonable to estimate that some events may not happen quite the way she sees.  However I have added subtitles to help the reader see the major events as they line up with scripture and other prophetic confirmations.

God bless you.

(Please Note: My subtitles are in dark blue)



(Biological, Chemical, Nuke, Comets, a Year plus of Horror)



As I tried to look away from my black surroundings, a small light started to shine in front of me, and the darkness, sounds and feelings that had so completely oppressed me started to fade into the background. The light grew bigger, and a window opened up much the same as when I had witnessed my life’s review. This time however, a panoramic view of the entire earth lay before me. It came closer and closer as if I had been out in space and was flying toward it.I knew what was happening was intended to help me make my decision about going back to the earth and my terrible life. A part of me wanted to go back to the beautiful spirit world, or paradise, that I had seen, and another part of me felt the need to be reunited with my body so I could change my life. It was a tug-of-war, and what I was about to see was to help me understand what I would be going through if I chose to go back to my ‘body of clay.’Again the view before me played out like a videotape in fast forward motion, and yet I could see the scene in perfect clarity and was able to comprehend everything that transpired.


As the earth zoomed up into my view, I first saw the whole world, and then various countries. It was made clear to me that in the future there would be wars and troubles, including nuclear attacks in various places of the world, and a view of how it would start was given.I am not familiar with the geography of the world, but as I looked a the various lands before my view I instinctively knew what countries they were. Looking at the Middle East, I watched as a missile flew from Libya and hit Israel. The mushroom cloud that resulted from the blast was visible, and I knew that the missile contained a nuclear bomb. I was aware that those responsible for the missile were Iranian, but the missile had been hidden and fired from within the borders of Libya.



Almost immediately after this, other missiles began flying from one country to another, quickly spreading war around the world. I also saw that many nuclear explosions did not come from missiles but from bombs of some kind on the ground.




My focus then changed from the Middle East to the United States, and I understood that I was about to see some of the things that would lead up to the nuclear holocaust that I had just witnessed.


As I looked upon the continent of North America, I zeroed in on the eastern coast and then on New York specifically. I saw New York City with all of its people and buildings. I then saw some tall buildings crashing to the earth surrounded by tremendous amounts of smoke, dust, and debris.I zoomed in closer into the smoke and dust, and I saw a woman holding a little girl’s hand and running from the crashing buildings. The woman had long dark hair, hanging past her shoulders and curled inward slightly. She wore a beige business suit, heels of a slightly darker color, perhaps tan, and she was not wearing glasses. The little girl appeared to be about 6 or 7 years old with short brown hair reaching below the chin and cut in a type of pageboy look. They ran together, holding hands and trying to escape from the falling buildings. As they ran through the heavy smoke and dust, they were forced to let go of their hands and became separated. The child was terrified, and I could hear her screaming, “Mommy, mommy!” over and over again.I don’t know their outcome, if they lived or died, but I can still see the face of the woman clearly and could easily identify her from a photo or describe her to a sketch artist. I asked if an earthquake had caused the buildings to fall and felt impressed that the answer was no. However, I was not given any indication as to the cause of the destruction. (Incidentally, I told this story many, many times before September 11, 2001. When I did see on television the World Trade Center towers collapsing, I knew that this was what I had seen.



The next thing that came to me was more felt than seen. It was the understanding that shortly after the crashing of the buildings in New York City, commerce ceased. Shopping and buying seemed to stop, and the economy failed **throughout the world**. Few had any money at all, and those who did have it could not buy anything of worth with it. Gold and silver and other commodities had value and could be traded.


I then saw a man walk into a middle of a crowd of people and drop what seemed like a quart jar full of liquid. The jar broke and the liquid spread. I understood that people nearby had become infected with a disease from the liquid, and ***they didn’t even know it***.

A day or two later the people became sick and started dying. I saw that this would happen in four particular cities: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Salt Lake City.

The disease started with white blisters, some the size of a dime, appearing the hands, arms and face of the victims. The blisters quickly developed into white puffy sores. Those with the disease would stumble around and fall over dead. Many died within a short time, perhaps 24 hours.


I also saw other people with a flu-like virus that spread more quickly than the first disease. The victims had blood coming from their nose, mouth, eyes, and ears. These people died even faster of this disease than the ones who had the first sickness.


These diseases became wide-spread across the United States with hundreds of thousands infected.As the people were fleeing the cities in the hope of saving their lives, gangs were attacking them and killing them.

In the towns that were struck with disease there was chaos, with looting, rioting and murders involved in a complete breakdown of society. Many people seemed to go crazy.


I sensed that the electricity had failed everywhere and that nothing was running throughout the country, including any of the communication systems. I watched people throw rocks through windows to steal TV’s that would not work and thought it was very strange.

While I watched all this happening in the United States, my view instantly jumped back to the Middle East, and I saw the same thing taking place in Israel. The same sores and the same types of sickness and disease that were plaguing the U.S. had also been unleashed in Israel.The switch in view only lasted an instant, and I was back in the United States.


There was a tremendously long winter that caught everyone by surprise following the siege of sickness. It started early and lasted into the summer months. A famine had begun over the few years leading up to the long winter because of storms, droughts, floods and other plagues that had taken place; and the abnormally long cold period seemed to cause the famine to suddenly increase to its full measure.

In the period of time following the disease, which was quickly followed by the long winter, things started going down hill very quickly. Events piled up one on top of another without any breaks.


My sense of timing was not very clear at this moment; however because I was seeing several things happening all at the same time or very close together.


During and after the long winter, the disease spread everywhere and increased in severity. The economy and the electricity were completely gone. Chaos and anarchy reigned over the entire United States. Without any government there was a total breakdown, and I saw people panicking everywhere. They were trying in vain to find food. There was none. I saw people even digging in the ground for worms to eat because they were so hungry from the lack of food.Also, during this time I became aware that there was very little drinking water, and the remaining water had become contaminated, so that if a person drank it they would contract the disease and die. Because of their great thirst many people drank the water in spite of the danger of poisoning and died.I mentioned earlier the gangs that killed people trying to escape the cities. It seemed that some of the people had lost their minds and went around in these gangs killing people just for the sake of killing; others killed for food or to gain some material possessions from their victims. Those that were killing for no reason were like beasts: animals completely out of control, as they raped, looted, burned and butchered people. I saw these gangs go into the homes of those who were hiding. They would drag them out of their hiding places, rape and dismember them.For many there was an unnatural fear and hatred that came over the people. Family ties that once existed between husbands and wives, parents and children no longer mattered. The only thing that mattered was individual survival. Men would kill their wives and children for food or water. Mothers would kill their children. For me, the events that then lay before me were horrible beyond description and almost unbearable to watch.The air everywhere was filled with smoke as many buildings and cities burned with no attempt to control the fires.

(ISAIAH 60:1-3)

(Glory Light)

As I looked upon this scene of chaos, smoke and destruction I noticed that there were small pockets of light scattered over the United States. There were, I would guess, about twenty or thirty of them that I saw. I noticed that most of the locations of light were in the western part of the United States, with only three or four of them being in the east. These places of light seemed to shine brightly through the darkness and were such a contrast to the rest of the scene that they caught my attention.

I focused on them for a moment and asked, ‘What are these things?’

I was then able to see that these points of light were people who had gathered together and were kneeling in prayer. The light was actually coming from the people, and I understood that the light was showing forth their goodness and love.

I further understood that they gathered together for safety and that, contrary to what I had witnessed everywhere, the cared more for each other than for themselves. Some of the groups were small with only a hundred people or so, but other groups consisted of what seemed to be thousands.I realized that many, if not all, of these places of light, or cities of light as I began to think of them, had somehow been established just before the biological attack, and that they were very organized. It was as if they had known what was coming and had prepared for it. I did not see who or what had organized them, but I did see many people struggling to reach them with nothing but what they could carry.

(ISAIAH 60:1-3)

The cities of light had food that others outside of those groups did not have, and within the cities of light food was readily shared with those who joined their groups. In these places there was peace and safety. The inhabitants were living in tents of all kinds, many of which were no more than blankets held up by poles. I noticed that the gangs made no threats on these groups and left them completely alone, choosing to pick on other targets and unprotected people, as many of the people in those cities had guns that they would use for self-defense. The gangs also preyed upon the people who were traveling, trying to reach the cities of light.


As I looked upon them, I realized that these cities of light were temporary and that in a short time the people living within them would go to another place. I do not know where they were to go but seemed to think that they gathered in the mountains, to higher places.




As I was viewing the cities of light, my focus changed, and I became aware of missiles being launched and hitting U.S. cities. I watched as mushroom clouds started forming over many areas of the United States. Some of the clouds came from missiles that I knew were fired from Russia, and others were not from missiles at all, but from bombs that were already in the United States. These latter bombs had been hidden in trucks and in cars driven to certain locations and then detonated. I specifically saw Los Angeles, Los Vegas, and New York City hit with bombs. New York City was hit with a missile, but I think that Los Angeles was hit by at least one truck bomb, if not several, because I didn’t see any missile. I also saw a mushroom cloud from north of Salt Lake City, but without the aid of a missile.


In the darkness I also saw little fireballs. I’m not sure if this happened just before or during the mushroom clouds. The balls fell from the sky, were of different sizes – most being the size of golf balls – and were very hot. There were millions of them. As they fell from the sky they left streaks of flame and smoke behind them. Everything they touched started on fire: people, buildings, trees, or grass. Everything burned. I didn’t ask what they were or where they had come from because by this time I was sick because of the scene before me, and so I observed without asking many questions.

(part of nuclear war)

At almost the same time and in the same locations as the mushroom clouds, I saw Russian and Chinese troops invading the United States. The Russians were parachuting at many spots along the Eastern Coast; I also saw them parachuting in Utah. Chinese troops were invading from the West Coast near Los Angeles. They were met with resistance from those who had survived the disease and bombs. I did not see any United States military there at that time.The invasion was part of the nuclear war that I had seen earlier, and I knew that similar events were taking place all over the world as I had seen previously.


I did not see much of this war, but was impressed that it was short in duration and the Russian and Chinese armies lost and left. No explanation regarding how or why was received.Now the smoke became very heavy, dark and thick.


Just as things appeared to be as bad as they could get, the earth began to quake. This occurred during a winter, seemingly the winter that followed the very long one I had seen earlier. The chaos had existed for almost a full year by this time.

The earthquakes began in the west, around Idaho and Wyoming, and then quickly spread in every direction. I saw a huge earthquake hit Utah, and then California. There were earthquakes all over California, but they were especially devastating in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. San Francisco appeared to turn upside down.

The multiple earthquakes triggered volcanoes all over the west, and they started spewing a tremendous amount of ash and smoke into the air, causing it to become very dark and dirty and blocking much of what was left of the sunlight.There were also huge waves of water that swept over the west coast, and as I saw them I realized that this same thing was happening to coastal cities all over the world. The waves were so huge that Los Angeles was nearly swept away.I saw a wall of water taller than some of the buildings, perhaps as high as fifteen or twenty feet, sweep through Salt Lake City. I thought this was strange because of its location so far from the ocean, and wondered how a wave could travel all the way to Salt Lake City. I was impressed that the wave had not originated at the ocean, but was from under ground. I quickly noticed great cracks in the earth around Salt Lake City opened up and saw water shooting up out of the ground. I felt that deep under the ground was a huge amount of water and that the earthquakes had forced it up to the surface. Most of the buildings were swept away or destroyed when the water swept over the city. In fact there had been tremendous destruction, with only a few buildings left standing. The water coming from underground stretched from Idaho down to near Cedar City, Utah, and was very destructive.As I looked, I could see that cities all over the country had been devastated, and there was rubble everywhere. Most of the buildings were destroyed.

However, I realized that even though there was tremendous destruction from earthquakes, disease, floods, volcanoes, and tidal waves, the majority of the deaths were caused by the gangs of roving marauders that killed for pleasure.As I studied the scene for a moment, the thought occurred to me that the earth itself had become sickened at the terrible acts of cruelty that were happening upon it and was finally reacting through these natural disasters. The earth was attempting to cleanse itself of the chaos and evil that had engulfed the people.

The ash and smoke from the volcanoes had increased, and there was now almost complete darkness everywhere upon the earth.The diseases also increased in devastation, and I saw people literally dying on their feet. I saw another particular disease that started with red blotches, and then the victims would start to bleed from every opening in their bodies. Then the people literally disintegrated, or melted into unrecognizable masses of flesh and bone. The sight was horrendous, as death and the dead were everywhere.After this second terrible winter, I saw the survivors pile up the dead into huge piles to burn them. The stench was sickening. Some of the bodies had been burned during the time of chaos, but because people were more concerned with their survival they had mostly ignored the dead around them.

A huge earthquake occurred in the middle of the United States. It was tremendous and seemed to split the United States in half about where the Mississippi River is. The crack in the earth that resulted was huge, miles wide, and as it opened up the earth seemed to swallow everything. Water flowed in from the Gulf of Mexico all the way up to the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes did not exist any longer, however, as they became part of a large inland sea.


Then I saw another series of tremendous earthquakes all over the world. But they were not many, separate earthquakes, rather it was all part of one gigantic earthquake that shook the entire earth. Because of this earthquake waters overflowed their boundaries onto land all over the world. There were again huge walls of water along all of the coastal regions. This earthquake and the walls of water made the earlier ones seem small by comparison. I am not sure if the earthquake that split the United States in two was a part of this worldwide quake or not.

(More Sixth Seal)

Next I saw a mighty wind come upon wind come upon the earth. As the wind hit, I saw people go into caves and into the cracks of rocks to try to escape its fury. It appeared to be stronger than any hurricane or tornado. It seemed that everything that had been left was now blown away.I understood, without asking, that the great worldwide earthquake and the mighty wind were somehow caused by a huge planet-like object, that had come very close to the earth and had disrupted everything. It was also made clear to me that it was very near the “end” when this happened.



Now my perspective changed: I once again viewed the entire earth from a distance. I then saw a huge fireball, much larger than the earth, approaching our planet. It was extremely bright red and gold in color, and it engulfed the whole earth. When I witnessed this event I could not help but feel the difference between it and everything else that had occurred, and so I asked what this was that I saw. I was impressed that it was the burning of the earth that is described in the Bible.


I understood that just before the fireball’s appearance Jesus had appeared, and the good people I had seen earlier had left with Him and were no longer on the earth. The few people left behind were those wicked who had survived the earlier devastations. The picture of the earth engulfed by this huge ball of red and gold fire slowly faded away into blackness.


I was thinking that I have to go down and take care of my children so that they could be protected from the terrible things that were going to happen and then I don’t remember any more until I woke up in the hospital.”Thanks for taking a gander at all the news I have compiled here as always Stay Safe!

For more click HERE

Also see this Radio Show Special here:


Imminent Calamities & Judgment – The Sarah Menet Vision of 1979–the-sarah-menet-vision-of-1979




Johnny Baptist Joins Zen Garcia on Revolution Radio

This show was broadcast in a forum largely full of unbelievers discussing the prophetic events confirming these prophecies.

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The “Aliens” Are Coming Before the Rapture


 The Strong Delusion and “Alien Disclosure”
May Happen PRIOR to the Rapture

Rev 12:7-9

7 And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, 8 but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. 9 So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Isa 13:4-5, 15-16

The noise of a multitude in the mountains,
Like that of many people!
A tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of nations gathered together!
The Lord of hosts musters
The army for battle.
5 They come from a far country,
From the end of heaven — (…)
The Lord and His weapons of indignation,
To destroy the whole land.
Everyone who is found will be thrust through,
And everyone who is captured will fall by the sword.
16 Their children also will be dashed to pieces before their eyes;  Their houses will be plundered
And their wives ravished.



They’re Coming Before the Rapture – “Alien” Disclosure w Dennis Callen

New Religion Podcasts with John Baptist on BlogTalkRadio

 See Link Here



Apocalyptic Sounds Caused by Alien Motherships





Tripod Horn Blast from War of the World


Annunaki Winged God Space Craft Near the Sun?




Stan Deyo Commenting on Arrival of Annunaki




Enormous Mothership Near the Sun



Strange Objects in the South West Sky




 Mainstream Media Compilations




Advanced Symbiotic Technologies





The Best UFO Video Ever




UFO Alien spacecraft around the sun




UFOs with Lasers







UFO Wars in the Heavens











Underground Bases Human and ET




Human Mutilations by Fallen Seraphim (Reptilian) Beings
(Warning: Disturbing Content)




Audio Excerpt from Documentary
"The ETs looked like devils (reptilians) and had human body parts on their ships"



Bill Schnoebelen Testifies of Reptilian Beings

(Seen Under the Mormon Tabernacle in Utah)


bill schnoebelen



Dulce Underground Base Alien Confrontation

Phil Schneider (Part 1)


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A Voice for Cindy

a voice for Cindy

How God Turns Tragedy into Joy


Music Credits to Quiet Time Music



A Video Version with Slide Presentation


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WWIII Events About to Unfold


Abridged and Combined Prophetic Timeline of Events

Here below is a high-level list of events that have been confirmed through various, and in many cases, multiple sources (both prophetic, and evidenced via world events).

Remember the Psalms 83 war, Isaiah 17 (Damascus), and Ezekiel 38 and 39 are all part of the FOURTH SEAL (Behold a Pale Horse / World War III).


  • Libya Nukes Israel (Psalms 83)
  • Other Nukes (Missiles and Ground)

Israel -> Iran?
North Korea -> USA
Russia -> USA?

  • Financial Collapse (Third Seal Global Scope)
  • Chemical, Biological Attacks
  • Disease, Riots, Chaos, Mayhem, Starvation
  • EMP Attack (USA and Israel)
  • Horrible Winter (Sixth Seal, mega-quakes, comets, “sun turns black”, three days of darkness)
  • Final Harvest, Glory Light upon the Saints
  • Final Nuclear Destruction (Babylon the Great USA, 2 Peter 3:10, 1 Thess 5:3, Rev 18)

A Slightly More Detailed Breakout of Events

Here below is a slightly more detailed breakout of these events.  Again it is not fully possible to establish this list with any great certainty but it appears these events are all on our immediate horizon.

NORTH KOREA TURNING POINT: N. Korea attacks USA & South Korea / Nuke Ed Dames
US ATTACKS SYRIADaniel 11:44-45 Prophecies
FALSE FLAG EVENT: California-New York City Nuke Event(s) / Mega-quake / Martial Law
ISRAEL ATTACKS IRAN: Israel WILL attack Fordow Facility (Tactical Nukes)
THE THIRD SEAL: Financial Collapse, Starts in USA, goes global (Isaiah 19, Shmita year, Sept 2015, ref. Rabbi Cahn)
ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE : “I Shall Silence Mans Machines?” (Godshealer7); and Vision of Maurice Sklar (and more)
OBAMA RATIFIES PEACE DEAL – TD Hale nuclear destruction of US while Obama is President, Earthquakes, Tsunamis
Puerto Rico Comet / Earthquakes Go Global – Ripple Effect Outward / Comets / Tsunamis
THE SIXTH SEAL – Three Days of Darkness / Joel 2 / Isaiah 13, Psalm 91
FINAL HARVEST – Latter rain, manifest sons of God (short duration of time)

For more detailed information and supporting prophecies go HERE.

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