Nibiru Planet X Brochure

The Nibiru Planet X Brochure

The following JPG graphics are the front and back side of a tri-fold brochure that can be printed and folded.  These brochures can then be handed out to people to warn them of the forthcoming “Planet X / Nibiru” Isaiah 24 judgment upon the earth.  It moreover helps explain why all the solar flares and geological disturbances (earth quakes, volcanos, etc.) are taking place at this time.

Praise Jesus for Andrew and his hard work.

See below for links to file for downloading and printing.



Microsoft PowerPoint of Brochure “Here

Adobe PDF of Brochure “Here

Please Note:

You can use these images to upload to Vista Print ( online and they can print and deliver to you, full color pre-folded brochures to save you time and money.



4 thoughts on “Nibiru Planet X Brochure”

  1. Went to “Google Sky” per your Nibiru brochure and found the object by infrared in the constellation Leo at 9h 47m 48.0s. Astounding! Thank you very much.

  2. John,
    These brochures are excellent, Thank you! Reading over this one on planet X raised one question. Given the level and extent of the destruction anticipated from planet X as described in the brochure, the fact that the ‘Elite’ will not be able to survive in their DUMBs, how is it that there will be enough of ‘them’ left, or anyone else, to create a NWO? or ANY order out of the chaos? It would seem that little would be left of any coherent government structure. Heck, FEMA couldn’t cope with Sandy in NJ last year and all the weapons “they” have been buying and stockpiling… ha! What use will they be? Just wondering…

    Thanks & YHVH Bless!

    1. The key to the wisdom of your question is the words “destruction anticipated”. Obviously there will be many survivors because the Bible says so. If we look at the Sixth Trumpet we see that 1/3 of the earth’s population is killed. That’s likely to be in the Billions even after the global thermonuclear war event of the 1 Thess 5:3 “sudden destruction”. Praise God!

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