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50 Responses to JOIN EMAIL LIST

  1. I’ve been reading your Posts for about a year. Amazing how you publish info on what I’m feel’n and or thinking, I just didn’t quiet know how to verbalize it. Thank you.

  2. Joseph says:

    Would love to chat with the author of most this website, absolutely extraordinary work!!!! Have a revelation or two i would like to relay also….In Jesus’ name, signed Joseph DeVol

  3. J says:

    hi just came across your sight thought you might like to look at this.

    Two comets will collide, My cross will appear in a red sky.

  4. Thomas Dietz says:

    Thank you for your website. I like it very much. Time is running short until Bible prophecies completely unfold before our very eyes and our Lord returns.
    It is encouraging to see more and more people awakening and asking the ´right´questions like “Who am I? Where am I going? What is it all about?”
    Could we exchange linking? I would be very happy.

    God bless you.

  5. Teresa says:

    Hi John,
    I just came upon your site via either Five Doves or RITAN, in the last few days. I have been seeking a word from God regarding a situation/belief of a long time friend and a group she is involved with. I love her dearly and she was a very strong believer, still is but there are some thing infiltrating that just hit me wrong. So, I have been seeking truth – lo and behold I “found” your site. I believe it was a divine intervention. Just the first read confirmed my “gut” feelings. I am afraid my friend is being deceived in suttle ways. Thank you for your truth!

  6. D. Blair says:

    I came across some info that may be more reliable than “The Truth Behind the Scenes”. Remember the Spanish team that debated Nasa concerning what Nasa called a supernova? Their website is full of info, all scientifically verifiable, and using already published comments and articles so that the trail of evidence leads to, in my opinion, the most reliable info on Elenin/Nibiru. On their site they have just recently added a lengthy report about Nibiru and the havoc it has reaped on the solar system since its discovery in the early 89’s. From the “Pioneer anomaly” to the Saturn tilting over 90 degrees (all verifiable using astronomer’s postings), they have used Nasa’s Buzzroom layout to track Nibiru through our solar system. Indeed, if Nibiru was only 30 days behind Elenin there would be no “hiding” it. But what we are able to detect through observation is it’s tremendous magnetic field which will get stronger and stronger in coming months to make Old Testament prophecy about the earth “reeling to and fro like a drunkard” horribly true. And that includes a tilting of the earth anywhere from 90 to 180 degrees!
    I think you can get to their report, which they say will eventually be “leaked” through Scileaks, by using this address. If it doesn’t get you there you can go to and click on the caption about CNN airing news about Nibiru, and then go to the bottom of the page and look for an underlined caption that talks about a report. Sorry, I am not computer savvy. If for some reason you can’t get to the report, I’ll try to get more info about where to go for the report.
    God bless

    • John Baptist says:

      Amen brother. Great information and praise God for you.

      The thing we all have to be careful of is trusting any data sources out there. NASA and the “black ops” portions of government are never to be trusted. Assuming we will be able to “see” Nibiru is very dangerous because it is a brown dwarf and can only be seen 1. When the sun reflects strongly upon its surface at precisely the right time (a huge variable), and 2. with a multi-million dollar infrared telesope such as WISE which was disabled from scientific access in Feb 2011. There are many videos on You Tube with 2nd Sun anomalies visible that could be planets rotating the Brown Dwarf “solar system” as it moves into ours. The best position to take is to look at ALL the data, YouTube videos, scientific data from both progressive sources and various media. The Truth Behind the Scenes Folks are great. Also look at the earths warning signs as you suggested. Earthquakes, volcanos, hurrican like weather patterns moving into the Arctic circles, minor pole shifts (magnetic). The evidence of what approaches is utterly overwhelming. God bless you. John

  7. Tony says:

    Thanks John. Please add to email list.

  8. Jim Bakken says:

    I am looking forward to being on the email list.
    In Christ,

  9. Laurie M says:

    Please add my name to email list

    God Bless you John

  10. you need to post more often. every day i go to you website. when you first read alot of you or jonathan’s stuff it is so out there. i read the bible alot. but thr. holy spirit i see alot is true! i know you are enjoying radio show. but most people are online. how are you handling spiritual attacks? how are you personally handling world getting more satanic every day. thank you so much for your help the last years!

    • John Baptist says:

      Thanks for your concerns. I don’t post for the sake of posting. There are thousands of web sites out there that do that. We are now managing a Facebook page, two radio shows and week with hundreds (actually thousands) of listeners, and much more. Sorry but there is only so much I can do with a full time job, family, and hundreds of emails per week. God Bless You. John.

  11. Erin Barnes says:

    Hi, please add me to the email… I’d like to subscribe. Thank you God bless.

  12. i had never read that you ans my email of 6 mos. ago. still mad at you! what website do you suggest for the truth? ha, cant ans that. no i know all about other things in people’s life. you are called. at first things seem wacky you post. but in there is the truth. i am a 58 y old bible reader. i know in latter das we start knowing -understanding things in bible. you bring other websites in focus, discernment so to speak. when you dont post on net, you are missing –huge—communication tool. thank you for website.

  13. can you beleive the last few das? talk about like birth pangs. i have even enjoyed a severe spiritual attack the last two wks-it showed me some dark stuff in my life. satan is so good at what he does. lucky for us he is defeated/weak compared to our Jesus. oh, that is a first, actually glad to go through satan’s torture,,,because it brings Jesus more in focus. i read Ephesians going to reread later. we need to warn people that we are fully aware of how bad living in world is right now. if possible it would fool even the elect……

  14. Marilyn Nelson says:

    Thank You for educating us.

  15. Frannie Bridges says:

    Please add me to your web site. Thank You

  16. Laura Smith says:

    Please add me to your email list. Thanks for all your efforts, really enjoy the program.

  17. Jean Roses says:

    I am blessed listening to your broadcasts.
    You seem to be a true Christian in that you give and give but don’t ask for or even accept donations! That is so un-typical of most ministries. But I’m sure you will accept prayers to God for you, which I will offer.
    Please add me to your email list.

  18. Jane Wilczewski says:

    My comment is exactly like what Jean Roses Says. God bless you and your Family John.

  19. Phil Mosolino says:

    Please add me to your mailing list great work God bless ya

  20. Les W says:

    I’m right there with ya John… I yearn to be with the Lord yesterday… “Come quickly Lord Jesus”. Here’s a little spiritual pick me up for ya!

    God is Sovereign and we know we can trust HIM!
    Sovereign (lyrics) 2013 Chris Tomlin

    Shalom… LW

  21. Les W says:

    John… just want to share comment on our fearless leader “O”. Who is he ?

    O’brotherhood where art thou?
    Rewind, 2007. Run-up to the election that would seal America’s fate:

    Obi craftily hid and gained street cred with watered-down-christians and women (who would later vote for him) — without losing most of his beliefs. He did so all under the veil of black liberation theology that has extreme anti-white and anti-Israel beliefs. Anyone who said this was called a bigot, a racist, a paranoid right-wing-extremist.

    What a joy it must have been to have the very people you hate and despise vote for you. What fools. I can see the smile now on his face as he tilts his head skywards……

    Will America believe that Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood member? If they do, will it matter? Will the lights go off about Bengahzi, the Brohood, Libya, Egypt, and now Syria?

    Many Americans are easily swayed — they have no backbone —- Obama won’t go down unless the the very power players that convinced the lemmings to support him decide to UNCONVINCE the lemmings to oppose him. If they do, they will have full control of our NOT FREE MEDIA and they will use it to their benefit to crash the Obama Show. If they want him still in…. he could read Mein Kampff nightly and grow a little mustache and start marching hand raised in the air with locked knees —- and still be in office.

    To a brotherhood president (Obama) — working with Israel, as the leader of the USA …. it is just one means to getting what he and his people want. He works with Israel when it helps his agenda, that’s it. An enemy of an enemy is a friend. He snubs them when it doesn’t help him. Israel is being played by having any part of this Syria mess …. if the powers that control Israel help Obi get another installment of the bro-hood in power—– then Israel is welcoming another round of biblical judgment. We have already began ours.

    So will anyone listen now… listen enough to impeach him? Overthrow him?

    Who knows. It is probably too late. We’ve already prepared for civil unrest. We’ve labelled anyone who disagrees with Obama & Company a terrorist. We’ve spied on citizens. We’ve flown drones on citizens. We’ve ran guns to cartels. We’ve unleashed crazy events domestically to push agendas. We’ve tried to take your guns. We targeted opposition companies with IRS tax scrutiny. We’ve killed dissenters who could expose the charade. We’ve ordered the supplies for domestic war (bullets, rations, coffins, body bags etc). We’ve set-up the detention centers and prisons. All of this is WELL DOCUMENTED. We’ve been at war with the citizens of America for over a decade (Patriot Act was a huge blow to the citizenry)… We can go back way further to look at the starting seeds of how and when we began slipping further and further away from God. It goes way back. Little by little it was chipped away. But we are here… now….. at some sort of apex moment. How many are left that aren’t asleep being endlessly entertained ..or watered-down at their wimpy church.. ? How many don’t buy the lies by the govt and the media? How many see the systematic propaganda plan pushed to us via the little glowing magical box that sits atop its pedestal in our house … all things facing it… as we watch our PROGRAMMING (and get programmed)?

    Does it even matter? What can we do anyways? Pray? Prepare? Enjoy what we do have while we have it?

    We will see.

  22. Lisa says:

    Please add me to e-mail list.

  23. Victor Young says:

    Hi John, I bess God for your life and I want to encourage you to keep the fire burning. The jorney is very short now. We will soon go home. May the lord continue to up hold you. May He cause His face to shine upon you. God bless.
    Pls send me the picture of the demon caught on the hospital camera.

    God bless.

    T young
    Rep of ireland.

  24. Daniel says:

    please send me your emails
    thank you

  25. ALICIA ALONZO says:

    Praise the Lord for your precious, very helpful ministry. May our good Lord Jesus continually bless you.

  26. Ron Evans says:

    God bless you, and thanks for all you do in these days were in. You truly are encouraging. Put me on the email list.

  27. Angela L. says:

    I have been so blessed by your ministry. In 1980, I was abducted, but had no memories of it until 2003 during an intense therapy session where I screamed so hard that I burst blood vessels in my face. I’m very cautious about sharing this, of course, especially in the “Christian Culture”. Suffice it to say, your openness about a very real subject has been healing for me. Thank you.

  28. Lolita says:

    I love your radio show because I love the truth. Thanks so much for using your precious time to share biblical truth with us. I have learned so much from your show.

  29. Rich Galat says:

    I need this

  30. Terry Elder says:

    Johnny, I am really interested in making my own “holy water” for anointing.
    Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!!

  31. leisha holtom says:

    hi i live in new zealand 141a paihia road one tree hill auckland nz can you please send me some cards so my son and i can hand them out

  32. Sherri says:

    John,would you please put me on ur email list! Jesus has been chasing me all my life I’m so thankful he never gave up on me! When I was blinded by this sespool we now live in, this page has opened our eyes more to the truth!God is good, I asked him to lead me to the truth in a prayer and found this page!Jesus is always good,so many things I was into in the past, I closed the doors on a yr ago , funny how we think we can pick and choose our sins when we are lost that God will give us special treatment, ha another lie from the devil,now I monitor every thing I do say watch,repent 247 coz I do slip ,and fall and I am a work in progress !I’m just so so thankful for gods mercy and Jesus, God bless you I’ll keep you in my prayers as well, thank you for dedicating so much of your time to this page,in Christ Jesus amen

  33. Justin says:

    Great Show

  34. jean says:

    John, I really appreciate your having terri hill on, as I believe that she is a solid, annointed Christian.
    However, the last time you had her on, you played a “vision” by claire (stillsmallvoice), and I wondered if you noticed at the end where (supposedly) Jesus tells her not to listen to any other “prophets”-just Him. Since you have a group of “top tier” prophets you subscribe to, I wish you would make a comment about where “Jesus'” statement fits in with that.

    • John Baptist says:

      We must always discern (analyze, pray over, read the Bible, measure information) anything a human being says they hear from the Lord. Let’s again review what our Holy Bible warns us to do:

      Deut 18:22
      ;when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him.

      This very clearly indicates the pretty much 100% of all of God’s prophets, even the most anointed ones, (visions, dreams and prophecies) will sometimes add into their recollection “stuff” that they feel is from God (or Jesus) but was actually a personal presumption (the prophet has spoken it presumptuously).

      Now that being said, what Clare said Jesus told her to do is *correct* BECAUSE “she” has been given a job to do. There is this thing called “collusion” that can happen when people with the gift of prophecy get together and share notes among one another. IF they do that, then what their other prophet friends heard from God will “influence” them and potentially cause “presumptions” to be added to “their” prophetic word from the Lord. Being a good prophet for the Lord is a VERY lonely job. We must also understand that all these things are “personal” and not every prophet/visionary or person given dreams will be affected by this dynamic.

      This is why we must “discern” (analyze, pray over, seek the Lord, read the Bible) etc.

      God bless you
      I hope this is helpful

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