Apocalyptic Rapture Timeline


new-rapture-graphicFollow Along in Revelation Chapter 6

A Pre-Wrath Apocalyptic Rapture Timeline




Most Critical Prophecies

Go HERE to view some of the most critical prophecies, dreams & visions that align to this timeline.

More Prophecies and Predictions

Then click HERE to listen to even more prophecies and visions confirming these events in detail.



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2 Responses to Apocalyptic Rapture Timeline

  1. Jodi Lewis says:

    O agree yeshua is choosing people right and left as anointed ones to get people ready for the kingdom i also work for my king in visions dreams revelation and prophesy

  2. Jodi Lewis says:

    I pray that people will wake up be for it is too late the athiest need to read Gods word im revelations what about leviticus 20:13 and john 3:3 the gay people we love you but God hates the sin but he loves you he does not want anyone to go to the Horrors of hell mary k baxter in 1976 was chosen by the lord to go with him into hell for 3 nights and to see the splenders of Heaven for 10 nights people say there os no hell? then why would the lord preach about it more than Heaven then check her video out the divine revelations of Heaven and hell on u tube thsts her ministry too many people are being raised up chosen to travel with the king both places check out the movie final warning everything john says is true the blk eyed children the spawn of satan the nephillim as LA Marzilli studies. petrus Romanus thats peter the roman aliens in the vatican . touch not Gods anointed or you will stand be fore him and give account as why ypu did u wont like the results stop hurting one another if you eant tp get into the kingdom u must walk in holiness and rightiousness forgiveness repentence and love for one another its the only way may all who listen walk in the faith of the lord .

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