Confirmed: Obama is the Antichrist and Will Return to Power in America

Why spoil it with words.  GLORY TO JESUS!!  All the Obama prophecies are about to come true AFTER ALL.





Part 1  

Daughter: speak this warning and tell the people what I have shown you.   The restrainer will be taken away.

The man of sin will be revealed for who he really is-The Beast.   Mr. Obama will return in his new position as ruler.

The streets will be filled with violence, civil unrest and war.   The weak will be murdered, unable to defend themselves.

Children will murder parents for what they have and take it from them.  Your militia will be unable to keep order or gain control.

There will be riots and fires.   There will be no safe place.   The unbelievers will rise to power.   Behold, I come quickly.


Part 2 (after Barb prayed about the initial prophecy)

Abbara, you have seen well and have understood.   This is The Tribulation coming upon the whole earth.  Many will be killed

For My Names sake.


Barb then said she saw a glimpse of the “deep part” of the tribulation where children were killing their parents while she was receiving this prophecy.

Then Dan said this video might get GH7 taken off youtube, so this might be the last video from them.

Dan said he has received a portion of a Word in recent days:  we are on the brink of “the time of trials”.

Dan then said they are criticized by some who say GH7 is just trying to stir up drama.  Dan said they are just trying to prepare

People and get sinners to repent.  Dan said he thinks we are right on the edge of something major.



3 thoughts on “Confirmed: Obama is the Antichrist and Will Return to Power in America”

  1. Praise God! I agree 100%. God gave America Babylon a reprieve. The nation did not repent. Obummer will survive his mortal head wound……he’s comin’ back into power soon. God bless all of you!

  2. Interesting. Very interesting indeed & some confirmation on what the Lord has shown me in the past & recently about bring prepared for what is coming to the earth.

    In 2012 the Lord randomly said to me “Be prepared to see what you never thought you would live to see. The time of innocence has passed” and in 2015 He kept repeating over some months “Buckle up tight, it’s going to be a wild ride”

    Thank you for this post

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