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Judging the Fruit of the Tree

Do We Shoot the Messenger and Toss the Message? Then We Must Remove Proverbs, Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes from Our Bible because Solomon Apostatized before God (1 Kings 11) Discernment of the truth is one of the most misunderstood … Continue reading

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Obama Signals the Apocalypse

Obama Surreptitiously Signals The Horses of the Apocalypse Now Ride Keep your eyes on the events surrounding the Ukraine. ¬†Russia (Rosh from Ezekiel 38) is about to move across Europe toward Israel. ¬†Whether or not Israel strikes Iran first is … Continue reading

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Radio Show: Johnny Baptist’s Testimony

If you enjoy this testimony, please consider joining us on our regular Radio Show on Weds and Sun night at 8PM ET here: Popular Religion Internet Radio with John Baptist on BlogTalkRadio Also please consider clicking the red button … Continue reading

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