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The Greater Glory is Before Us It is so hard to understand how awesome an opportunity we have before us.  God protects us from seeing what actually surrounds us every day.  If we could see beyond this dimension and into … Continue reading

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The Agony of Love

PLEASE THINK HARD WHILE YOU READ THIS The below article speaks for itself.  I am not worthy to embellish these thoughts.May you be blessed by this message.  May you lead others to salvation with this message.The stakes are HIGH and … Continue reading

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SPIRITUAL INSIGHT FROM AN “OVERCOMER“ There is so much to think about.  We just go to church and pray for our friends and maybe we pray for  “Israel” but we pray for things “in general” and often don’t realize that our … Continue reading

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Tribulation-Now Advanced Bible Study Now "In Flight"

TRIBULATION-NOW ADVANCED BIBLE STUDY UNDERWAY Well folks it is more than about time this web site goes live to educate people beyond just the Internet. The Lord is leading me to SO many new wonderful truths.  Collectively we are … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Ephesians Chapter 4

THE CHURCH OF EPHESUS AND PAUL’S LETTER OF SPIRITUAL INSIGHT FROM GOD The following is a short study of Ephesians Chapter 4.  It includes my personal commentary throughout.  I pray the Lord reveal some of its wonders to you, through … Continue reading

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Today’s Conspiracies Are Satan’s Conspiracies

Making The Ultimate Connection Below is reprinted an excellent (albeit misled) article from “The Living Church of God”.  This is an article definitely worth reading because it is a great primer on the historical roots of Satan’s “Total Onslaught” of Christianity. … Continue reading

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Is Allegiance to the State of Israel Misplaced?

UPDATE TO THE ARTICLE BELOW I believe I have figured it out.   I am studying “Israelogy”. Satan’s Army is indeed controlling much of Israel’s & the U.S. policy if not all of it. Satan’s Army is behind the establishment of … Continue reading

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